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The Web Of Light Foundation (WOLF) is being created to empower disenfranchised individuals, both physically and emotionally, by building more positive self-images. Through strategically planned programs and collaborations, WOLF will show our participants how to feel lighter in spirit, more resilient to life’s scattered ruts, and more appreciative of the good things around them.


WOLF will accomplish self-empowering initiatives by helping them become clearer about their own identity and abilities – what they want in life - their life vision - and how to consciously transform their life for the better. Participants will learn how their beliefs shape their life experiences and become aware of exactly how they create their reality. In addition, WOLF will help our adult participants achieve more in their personal and business lives.


WOLF’s self-development programs will help those challenged with self destructive habits, cultivate sustainable solutions to address the causes and effects of their lives. WOLF will develop collaborations with local leaders, community organizations, and community members, in order to prevent duplication of services, while sharing resources and helping our participants become more self-reliant and empowered. Our primary focus is the development of people. Education, training, practice, accompaniment, and evaluation will be the basis for our work. The essence of this work is a learning process that will continue throughout the lives of the individuals themselves. 


The organization will help program participants identify their strengths and weaknesses. Our empowerment programs will offer structured training that will help participants identify and accomplish their developmental goals. WOLF’s staff and collaboratives, along with our participants will jointly design our curriculums to meet the individual needs and intentions. This plan will contain activities (formal and informal) to acquire the competencies needed to meet the desired objectives.


WOLF is creating a movement of positive change, which will teach strategies for greater happiness.

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